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Sweepstakes: Second Annual

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Our second annual Halloween Sweepstakes is on route to a winner, in the distant future. You still have plenty of time to enter not only for the $500 grand prize, but the weekly $50 drawings as well! Should you win, your Halloween will become a storied affair, fit to be remembered for years to come. Two grand prizes of $500 certificates — large enough to purchase even the most fabulous of costumes — will be given to lucky entrants following October 17th, while the smaller prizes will be chosen weekly from those entered. If you win a $50 weekly prize you will still be eligible for a grand prize!

We’re happy to offer this opportunity to you. Last year’s sweepstakes was a smashing success, but don’t take our word for it:

A weekly winner from last year, Bernardo, wrote: “I have received the email you sent me about winning the weekly drawing. I can’t believe it, I have never won anything online before . . . Thank you so much for letting me know.” Another winner Erin said “I’m so excited to have won anything.”

Last year’s grand prize winner Diane said: “Before I go to bed, I just want to thank you for this enormous gift. You have no idea what your generosity means to us, and how happy you have made our very special son. Thank you so much!!!” In a later email, she went on to say: “Just wanted to wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas. I couldn’t let the holiday go by without thinking of you, your kindness and generosity is so appreciated. Thank you again.”

Don’t wait! Our weekly drawings begin on September eighteenth; enter the Sweepstakes before then to make sure your chances of winning are as high as possible. This great offer won’t be around for ever!

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check back next week for more fun Superhero information, both for fans and for the Halloween devotee!

Costume Buyer’s Guide 2015

Superheroes are having a bull year. There are more big budget superhero movies coming out in the next twelve months than most people watch movies during the year. It’s been the same for our costume selection, which has added Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and a great number of other products and themes.

Now that summer is over and all the superheroes have been unleashed until 2016, we’re listing out most popular costumes leading into the Halloween season. Take a look and don’t miss the sweepstakes at the end!

This classic feminine heroine is a constant figure for girls to look up to, it’s no wonder the Deluxe Kids Wonder Woman Costume is one of our most popular looks! Bring the old patriotic fervor with reds and blues to your next Halloween!

Girls Wonder Woman Costume

Tony Stark has pulled himself out of the superhero gutter since his big-screen inclusion, going from a strong B-lister to one of the biggest names behind a mask. The Supreme Quality Iron Man Adult Costume is one of the greatest ways to become the red-and-gold hero this Halloween!

Supreme Quality Iron Man Costume

Kids love the heroes. They love ’em, I say. And kids are full of energy! What better way to combine their two main traits into a perfect costume than with the Deluxe Muscle Chest Flash Kids Costume? It’s a classic move, and the popularity of this costume is proof.

Kids Flash Costume

The Supreme Captain America Adult Costume, with its straight-up bursting at the seams patriotism, also lets you masquerade as a popular and well-known hero from his recent Avengers adventures. a full-body outfit helps you lead the Avengers!

Supreme Quality Captain America Costume

The beautiful, dangerous, unstoppable super spy is ready to make her appearance with the Black Widow Womens Secret Wishes Costume! This costume is one of our most popular, and there’s no surprise thanks to its alluring figure and incredible looks!

Secret Wishes Black Widow Costume

It’s also no surprise what one of our most popular costumes is. Batman has been at the top of the super-heap for years thanks to his realistic character and . . . recent portrayal at the movies. So our most popular costume, the Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Brave and Bold Kids Costume, takes not only Batman’s base popularity, but adds in the following from the Brave and the Bold television show.

Kids Batman CostumeThanks for reading! Don’t miss out on entering our second annual sweepstakes for a chance at great prizes every week until Halloween!

New Superhero Costume Images

Big news! We can now post images of our new Avengers: Age of Ultron costumes online! With the movie releasing in only two weeks, now is the perfect time to get an outfit for the biggest movie release of the summer. While the new costumes may not be available at the moment, there are plenty of other great looks to make up your superhero team.


Of course costumes are the big draw for the new season, and we have tons of new looks based on the upcoming movie.

For adults, you’ll be able to find all of the big four, Ultron, Vision, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.















Kids have the same wide variety, including a few extras, such as the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor:















That’s not all, of course. We also have Groot.

I am Groot


Trying to make your costume even better than before? We have lots of new ways to make that possible.















Wigs, gloves, weapons, facial hair, and more for kids and adults will all become available and perfect for Halloween outfits or new movie releases. Check back regularly for new costume announcements and fun fan information!

Holiday Superhero Costumes

It’s December; the glorious Holiday season is upon us. Maybe your shopping is almost done and you’re looking for that last perfect item, or you need a fun present quick for your household superhero fan. We can help you with both, and we present the five most popular kids costumes this Holiday season:

#5: Complete Classic Amazing Spider-Man 2 Kids Costume

Holiday superhero costumes
Complete Classic Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume

One of Marvel’s most famous superheroes is also one of our most popular costumes year-in and year-out! This outfit, based on the 2014 movie, also comes with a pair of gloves, boot covers, and an Amazing Spider-Man 2 treat bag, to make sure everything is perfect for this great gift!

#4: Complete Deluxe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo Kids Costume

Make him the leader of the TMNT squad with this colorful and fun outfit! With additional plastic katana and Ninja Turtles trick-or-treat pail accessories; your sewer-dweller will have everything he needs to become his favorite movie hero!

#3: Complete Deluxe Muscle Chest Batman Dark Knight Rises Kids Costume with Accessories

Gotham’s hero is a fantastic Holiday present for a comic book or movie fan in your home! Comes with plenty of items to get him ready to battle Joker, such as a grappling hook, gloves, and a trick-or-treat pail. Your young hero will love keeping the night safe from villains with this fun outfit!

#2: Complete Deluxe Indiana Jones Kids Costume with Accessories

The greatest adventurer of all time is here for the Holidays when you get this complete item! From ancient temples to dangerous rides in desert canyons, the included gun belt, toy whip, and satchel bag will help your young pulp hero feel like the best treasure hunter of them all.

#1: Complete deluxe Joker Dark Knight Kids Costume with Accessories

Batman’s greatest nemesis is here for the Holiday season with our most popular kid’s complete costume! Taken from the 2008 Dark Knight movie, this purple-and-green outfit, complete with gloves and a Joker walking stick, is the ultimate gift for a superhero movie fan this year!

Don’t miss out on grabbing these fun items for a last-minute gift; you’re sure to enjoy the Holidays with these items!

Top 10 Halloween Superhero Costumes

Halloween fast approaches. Do you have a costume yet? If you’re stuck; don’t worry, we’re here to help. Following are the then most popular Superhero costumes for the season!Spider-Girl Costume

#10: Classic Spider-Girl Girls Costume

There’s no way your daughter will be afraid of spiders when she dresses as one of the most popular superheroes in the world! She might not be swinging from buildings or fighting bad guys, but she’ll be getting candy by the buckets and is sure to have a great time!

#9: Muscle Chest Transformers Rescue Bots Chase Toddler / Kids Costume

This new Transformer character is a police car and a shifting robot alien all in one! Join the police force chasing down dangerous criminals and protecting the Earth from the Decepticons with the help of a cool padded outfit that will give your child a fun Halloween.

#8: Deluxe Muscle Chest Robin Teen Titans Toddler / Kids Costume

This outfit makes your young hero ready to lead the Teen Titans to victory! A colorful padded costume makes for tons of fun this Halloween. Pair with other Teen Titan costumes, or have an adult go as Batman for a super hero family affair.

#7: Black Spiderman Kids Costume – Muscle Chest Spiderman Black-Suited Kids Costume

Spider-Man’s outfit turns black when the evil alien symbiote infects him. Become one of the most famous hero-turned-villains in marvel comic history. Will you fall under the influence of its evil ways, or will you triumph and continue to fight for the good of the city?

#6: Female Adult Wonder Woman T-Shirt Costume

Looking for a costume that’s quick and easy? This outfit is just as simple as putting on a shirt! Become the famous Amazonian Wonder Woman for a costume party, or show off your heroic side any day of the week when you’re out and about.

#5: Sexy Harley Quinn Arkham City Female Adult Costume

Even Batman will want to get cozy with you when you have this stunning outfit. Mr. J’s number-one gal is always ready to help him with his next plan, and she always has the best style when taking over the famous Arkham Asylum.

#4: Deluxe Kids Wonder Woman Costume

Princess Diana is here! Give your daughter the power of the Amazons, including strong bracelets to defend her and a lasso that compels people trapped inside to tell the truth. She’s ready for a super night when she wears this great outfit!

#3: Standard Wonder Woman Kids Costume

Your daughter can look like the original female superhero when you buy this cute costume! This super heroine began appearing in 1941, and has taken the world by storm! She joins Superman and Batman as one of the most widely-recognized comic book heroes in the world.

#2: Classic Winter Soldier Adult Muscle Costume

Bring down S.H.I.E.L.D. from the inside as the red army’s greatest warrior when you get this costume. From the snowy mountains of World War II to a Russian lab, the Winter Soldier is one of Captain America’s most dangerous enemies, and an amazing outfit for Halloween.

#1: Deluxe Muscle Chest Flash Kids CostumeFlash Kids Costume

Turn your kid into the famous speedster from one of DC Comics’ flagship licenses! If your child is a power-packed tot who loves to race around the house, this costume is the perfect look to get him ready to canvas the neighborhood in a trick-or-treating race. Get the number one Superhero costume for your child this Halloween from Official Superhero Costumes!

X-Men: Days of Future Past!

Fast-forward through the initial escalating war against mutants and enter into its aftermath: mutants have been pushed to the point of extinction. The X-Men are scattered, picked off, and without much hope. Professor Xavier recruits Wolverine (in the comics, it’s Kitty Pride) to go back in time and to reason with the professor’s younger self and stop Senator Kelly from being assassinated – which was the initial catalyst with the humans declaring war on mutants. There could be more complex subplots afoot, but for now this is what is shown in the initial trailers.

days of future past x-men
Younger Professor X, Days of Future Past

In the previous installment, we see Eric (Magneto) abandon Charles and two camps emerge within the mutants: Eric’s group, and Charles’s group. In this installment, however, Younger Magneto and Mystique make their appearances Charles, and it seems like the stakes are higher than before for Charles and Eric to work together when the rift between them couldn’t be bigger.

The big question in Days of Future Past is this: will they be able to collaborate and save mutant-kind?

Check out our selection of costumes for this round of X-Men and see which one you can become!

Days of Future Past Trailer:

And, for a more in-depth look comparing the movie to the comic books, go here:

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Is Coming!

The anticipation is growing as the date of May 2nd comes nearer for Spider-Man fans! The movie has already received positive feedback: it’s stylish, filled with action, and we get to see Peter develop even further as our web-shooting hero.

We’ll see some familiar faces such as Green Goblin, Oscorp company, and Harry Osborne, but also some not-previously-shown characters will share the silver screen with Spider-Man and Gwen Stacey. Let’s meet them:

1)     Electro Our featured character in this post! After being saved by Spider-Man, this engineer working at Oscorp starts to make his own heroic identity after a lab accident with eels.

2)     The Rhino – Paul Giamatti plays this Russian mobster who is given a delightfully “hammy” Russian accent, which he said he enjoyed creating.

3)     Venom – A symbiotic extra-terrestrial life form that played a huge role in Spider-Man 3, needing a host to fully function.  It is unsure whether or not He may make a more prominent appearance in later films.

4)     Lizard – It is somewhat unclear (at this point in time) how big of a role Lizard will have in the Amazing Spider-Man 2.  It has been speculated that he will be a very prominent character in future installments involving Spider-Man, though.

It is also rumored that Stan Lee, the co-creator, will make a cameo appearance as well.

What are you excited for about the new movie? Feel free to comment below!

Watch the theatrical trailer below:

spiderman trailer pic

Captain America: Winter Soldier


[POSSIBLE SPOILERS: don’t read if you don’t want any pre-movie facts]

The days approach to when the Winter Soldier comes to theaters! As the Cap returns to the screen with the Battle of New York behind him, we see him trying to adjust to modern society. We are going to see some returning favorites: Black Widow and Nick Fury, but there will also be two new faces as well! Let’s meet them:

1)     Alexander Pierce

Possibly substituted for the man who controls the Winter Solider in the comics, Aleksander Lukin, Pierce is the head of the World Security Council. He is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. member and a friend of Nick Fury’s.

2)    The Winter Soldier

Believed to be dead and killed in action, James Barnes (or “Bucky”), returns as a brainwashed super soldier at the bidding of Pierce. Sebastian Stan, who plays the Winter Soldier, remarked that he wanted to dive into any kind of material (reading, watching, etc) from the Soviet spy era in order to prepare for his role. Stan also talks about Barnes as a developed character: “You know, the truth of the situation is although he looks very different and there’s different things about him, it still comes from the same person. I think you’ll get to see that no matter what. I think part of my goal here was to make sure that you see an extension of that version but just a different color of that same version in a way. I think he’s still the same guy; he’s cut from the same cloth.”

The Winter Soldier is our featured character on this post, and we’re going to be offering the Winter Soldier series of costumes for fans to bring the movie to life!

Check out the New Winter Soldier Costumes Here

kids winder soldier costumesadult winder soldier costumes

Kids Winter Soldier Costumes                                  Adult Winter Soldier Costumes

Top 13 Superhero Costumes of 2013

boys flash costumeThe Flash Deluxe Muscle Chest Kids Costume

Hailing from DC Comics, the Flash has had a few aliases. First, as Jay Garrick (1940-present). Second, he has appeared as Barry Allen (1956-1885, 2008-present), third as Wally West (1986-2006, 2007-2012), and Bart Allen (2006-2007, 2009-present). Gifted with infinite speed and superhuman reflexes, the Flash has always been a staple within the Justice League.


Adult Wonder Woman Costume



Female Adult Wonder Woman T-Shirt Costume

Comfortable yet heroic, our Female Adult T-Shirt Costume will be a great addition to your Halloween ensemble. Includes shirt, headpiece, and removable cape. Does not include pants or shoes.




kids spiderman costume


Classic The Amazing Spider-Man Kids Muscle Costume

Sleek and fun, our Classic The Amazing Spider-Man Kids Muscle Costume is great for Halloween or everyday play! Hand wash cold, do not bleach, line dry. Cool iron if needed, do not dry clean. Includes jumpsuit and hood.