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Jessica Jones: Netflix’s New Series

Jessica Jones Netflix titleFollowing the success of Daredevil, Marvel and Netflix announced a new series based on the comic book series Alias. Set to debut on Netflix on November twentieth of 2015. The premise of the show is the main character played by Krysten Ritter (Jane Margolis from Breaking Bad), and also features David Tennant, Mike Colter, Rachael Taylor, and Carrie-Anne Moss.

The premise, identical to the comic book series, is Jessica Jones as a former superhero, retired after a brief and tragic career. She know works as a private investigator using the name Alias Investigations. Layers of her past and personality are revealed, especially when Tennant’s character Kilgrave (also known as the Purple Man) appears in her life. Not a great deal is known of the scope or plot of the series yet, though if it is similar to the comic book series it will deal with Jessica Jones coming to deal with the events of the past.

Similar to Daredevil, the series will be released all at the same time, in thirteen hour-long episodes. There are said to be several cross-overs with the Daredevil series, though instead of events or characters, the shows will use similar settings, such as the same police station or hospital. Show runner Melissa Rosenberg said though the shows exist in the same universe, they are very different shows, and she didn’t want people looking for Matt Murdoch on the street while Jessica is walking.

This series is the second in a number of planned Marvel/Netflix productions, with Daredevil being the first, and followed by Luke Cage, Marvel’s Iron Fist, and the miniseries Marvel’s The Defenders, which could bring the characters together. In 2013, Disney CEO Bob Iger stated if the characters were popular enough, they could appear in a feature film. He then talked about the characters appearing in each other’s series as something to earn, such as how characters began appearing in each other’s movies (for example, when Captain America appeared in Thor 2).

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Goodness’ Mirror

Superman and Batman GoodnessSuperheroes are generally presented as the good guys. Both parts of the word mean good, in one way or the other. Some of them are anti-heroes (such as the Punisher, Daredevil, or Moon Knight), but they are almost always presented as good. Their goodness is on display. No two heroes show this as much as Superman and Batman, though their methods could not be more different.

It begins with their upbringing. Superman lost his parents before he knew them and was adopted, believing the Kent’s to be his biological parents for many years. They cared for him like only they knew how, raising him to be one of the most enduring heroic figures in pop culture today. Bruce Wayne’s parents, on the other hand, left him during his formative years, leaving a young boy crushed by the weight of a world firmly on his shoulders, even though Alfred tried to help.

These critical details bring to life two heroes whose method is different, though their end goals remain the same: Goodness.

Superman was instructed on goodness as virtue, goodness as a power. He is dressed in bright colors, takes heroic stances, and shows up with flash and fervor and does away with the evil-doers and villains with a smile on his lips and the wind in his hair, backed by blue skies and to the cheering of the crowd (this leaves out, of course Batman vs. Superman). Batman, on the other hand, was shown the world is a hard place. He dresses in dark colors and stays to the shadow. He breaks legs. He leaves people hanging from gargoyles. He refuses to let anyone know his secret identity and usually ends up pushing away the people trying to help him. He uses goodness only as a end, and his means are severely dark.

In any Dungeons and Dragons game, Superman is the Lawful Good and Batman is the Chaotic Good. Their differences create a dichotomy, combined with their popularity, elevating them to superhero stardom. It is these two heroes, with their mirrored approaches to goodness, who paved the way for all other superheroes. These two heroes create both important archetypes: the bright and shining hero, and the dark hero.

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Netflix Daredevil Season Two

Netflix Daredevil season 2The Netflix Daredevil series was a smashing success, garnering a 98% on rotten tomatoes and a weighted average on Metacritic of 75/100. Approximately four point four million people viewed at least one episode using various Netflix-connected devices. The episode “Speak of the Devil” was nominated for two Emmys: Outstanding Visual Effects in a Supporting Role, and Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series (The results are still pending), and Charlie Cox was honored by the American Foundation for the Blind with the Helen Keller Award, for those men and women who have “demonstrated outstanding achievement in improving quality of life for people with vision loss.”

It’s not unexpected, then, that Netflix and Marvel have announced a season two, set to premiere some time in 2016 (presumably all at the same time, as did the first season). What will change? For one, the cast will get a big addition: Jon Bernthal will join the other main actors and actresses as Marvel’s dangerous vigilante killer, Punisher. Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez are replacing Steven S. DeKnight as the showrunners. Both men worked as writers on the first season and worked closely with DeKnight and series creator Drew Goddard. Finally, actress √Člodie Yung joins the cast as Daredevil’s comic-book love interest Elektra.

Daredevil’s part in a bigger Marvel New York scheme — which includes Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the Defenders — was hinted by previous showrunner DeKnight (and the first season itself), who also said there are things planned for the second season he “can’t even hint at.” New showrunner Ramirez referred to the second season as Daredevil verses Punisher. Filming began in July of 2015 in East Harlem under the name Ringside. Surely, Netflix looks to impress even further.

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