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Kryptonite: Why Does it Hurt Superman?

Secrets revealed!
Secrets revealed!

Superman’s powers are many, varied, and seem to be constantly expanding. He can do it all and, even more dangerous for his enemies, has only one weakness: green, radioactive fragments of his home planet called kryptonite. It’s such a wide-spread idea that the term has entered our lexicon (displacing the previous “Achilles’ Heel”) as a person’s, place’s, or thing’s single weakness.

But why, in the context of the story, is kryptonite the single thing that disrupts Supes’ power?

Kryptonite is some fifty-odd light-years away from Earth, and the chance of little bits of Krypton rock not only hitting the planet but surviving the trip through the atmosphere is negligible, but that’s not what we’re here to discuss. We want to know why it is singularly effective in disabling Superman. A lot of people have discussed this, so we’ll break down the popular ideas.

The first requires that you imagine Superman as a big muscle-bound plant. No, wait, stay with us. Plants absorb energy through photosynthesis, using the sun and special cells to produce energy. That’s a simple explanation, but it could explain how Superman is powered by our yellow sun (the recognized reason for his incredible strength) by a similar method. One of the theories is that kryptonite, using some resonance with Superman’s physiology, disrupts this process and simultaneously weakens Superman.

The other theory is that kryptonite actually damages regular earthlings at the same time, but the characters don’t notice. Kryptonite is said to be radioactive, which wouldn’t be noticeable until sometime later, or with extended study. The theory is that kryptonite not only removes Superman’s power (perhaps with the photosynthesis-theory explained above), but also injures through the normal process of micro tears in the body. Perhaps Superman is affected further by the material since he most likely is made up, at least partially, of the same material.

Have your own theory? Let us know! Leave a comment and tell us what you think!

Harley Quinn Character Corner

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn’s original look

Every few weeks at the Superhero costume blog, we talk about a superhero character in greater detail. This week, we’re talking about the Joker’s number one gal, Harley Quinn!

Original version:

Harleen Quinzel — First appearing in the Batman Animated Series, with a genius-level IQ and a scholarship in gymnastics — attended Gotham State University, majoring in psychiatry. A disastrous experiment involving her then-boyfriend, Guy Kopski, resulted in him shooting a hobo and asking Harleen to help him kill himself. It is unknown whether or not she helped him, but he died after the gun was fired.

After graduating with glowing references, Harleen started working at Arkham Asylum, requesting to meet the Joker as soon as possible based on a claim of writing a book about serial killers. Her experience with Guy Kopski endeared her to the Joker’s “chaos” theory of humanity, and she quickly fell in love him the Joker. She helped him escape several, began calling herself Harley Quinn, and was herself committed when finally caught.

Referring to the Joker as “Puddin,’” and breaking out of Arkham several times on her own, Harley became Joker’s second-in-command, if such a thing could even exist. After a while she saw acknowledged his abusive behavior and split off, becoming a crime boss on her own terms, though this would end with a member of her own gang putting a hit on her, forcing her into hiding.

Other versions:

Harley Quinn’s first appearances are in the Batman animated series, which ran from 1992-95. She was immensely popular with the fandom, prompting her inclusion in the main universe. She has been featured in works of her own, and is a recurring antagonist in the Batman Arkham Asylum video game series.

Harley Quinn and friends in Arkham Asylum
Harley Quinn and friends in Arkham Asylum

We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of the Character Corner. Come back next week for more fun fan information!

Valentine’s Day plans

Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day cards

The life of a Superhero isn’t always fighting villains and stopping criminals. Sometimes, if they’re lucky, they can find a night of quiet romance with a loved one on Valentine’s Day. Read on to discover what your favorite heroes and heroines are doing on the fourteenth.

Captain America:

Valentine’s Day as we understand it now has been in the public eye since about the beginning of the nineteenth century, so luckily Steve Rogers is well aware of this Holiday. However, things have changed drastically since he took his ice nap, and as he’s currently available, what better time to dip his toe in the dating world? Maybe he has someone special in mind, or maybe he’ll stand outside the Avengers tower with a hand-made “Be my Valentine” sign.

Superman and Lois Lane:

Lois has two dates tonight, the first at a lovely candlelit dinner with co-worker Clark Kent, and the second with Superman at some romantic locale (the moors of Scotland? The misty Yangtze River? The endless Amazon rain forest?) Whether or not she knows the two men are one and the same can be up to you.

Iron Man:

When Tony Stark goes, he goes big. Pepper Potts is, probably correctly, a bit afraid of what he has planned (she also is prepared for what will happen if he forgets, which is why she reserved a table at a five-star restaurant and got herself a one-hundred dollar gift card to Gucci). In the end, Iron Man comes through with a Concorde trip to Paris and, somehow, getting the Eiffel Tower privately for the night.

Wonder Woman:

At first Wonder Woman dismissed Valentine’s Day as offal produced by a patriarchal society, but then came to realize its power for women. Women rule on Valentine’s Day. However, dedicated as she is to crime-fighting, she isn’t in a relationship. She ends up having a platonic meal with Batman at the JLA watchtower.


Due to an unfortunate history romantically, Spider-Man, well:


Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day, no matter what your plans are. Come back next week for more fun Superhero information! Spread the love with these superhero cards!

Which Super Power Would You Choose?

Pick your favorite!
Pick your favorite!

Superheroes are pretty cool, for a lot of reasons. They have great costumes, go on incredible adventures, and, most importantly, possess amazing powers. Out of a list of the following powers, which one do you want the most?

Super Strength:

One of the originals, super strength also seems to be the most casually useful. Help lift cars of off crash victims, haul giant rocks to make a wall, assist a friend in moving a couch with one hand, and so much more! Yet there are some things to know: Will you ever be attacked? Maybe, but not by super villains. What’s the point of having super strength, then? Superficial reasons, at best.

Super speed:

As the Flash shows us, having super speed is super cool! Get to work on time every time, break marathon records, or run around the world for charity! But what’s that? Your feet are being ground down with ever foot fall, and your skin is being torn off by the wind resistance as you run? Well, at least you’ll be able to run sorta fast, like Dash from the Incredibles. That’s okay, right? Right?!


We’re going to have to ignore the outrageous energy-expenditure that flying would place on your body (it’s great as a weight-loss procedure), because otherwise using this power would tire you out in moments. And, since we can only pick one power out of this list, we can’t fly any faster than we can run. Maybe by flying you can train yourself to go faster and faster, like sprinting. Plus, the constant fear of airplanes. Don’t wear a cape.


Intangibility is defined as the ability to phase through solid objects, al a Shadowcat from the X-Men. Doors will never stop you again! But you’ll have to be pretty careful, because otherwise you’ll just fall through the earth and keep going, like how you tried to dig to China as a kid . . . except that North America (assuming that’s where you live) is opposite from the Indian Ocean, which I guess you would just phase through also. Would you be able to breath, even?

Make your decision, or pick a different superpower and let us know (Being rich isn’t a superpower, sadly).