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Fan Creations that Astound

A fan’s creativity knows no bounds! From amazing artwork to real-life recreations of classic set pieces, we’ve collected a few of the greatest fan-created works from DC, Marvel, and everything else.

The Tumbler:

Somehow, without blueprints, Bob Dullam remade The Christopher Nolan-era Batmobile. He didn’t put this on an already-existing car, but instead made almost every part from scratch, excluding “tires, rims, brakes, engine…” and other necessary car parts.

DIY Batmobile
Batmobile, real style

Art, All of It:

There’s no end to superhero art, so we’ll highlight one stand-out. This design, by John Gallagher, shows off the hectic nature of crime-fighting and an incredible eye to detail.

Captain America artwork
Captain America artwork

The Costumes:

As with art, there are thousands upon thousands of superhero cosplays to show, so we’ll just drop one: Iron Man’s comrade-in-armor, Warmachine. It appears, from my untrained eyes, to have remade the look of Colonel Rhodes’ alter ego with stunning success. See more.

War Machine costume
War Machine

Bringing the Big Screen to Life:

The science of the Helicarrier from the Avengers is unsound (that is, in real life it would literally destroy cities it hovered over), but smaller versions are perfectly viable. So, of course, a fan posted a video of a small-version helicarrer that can hover with the best of RC helicopters. Take a look at the video here.

A Match Made in Hero Heaven:

There are some things that, sadly, we simply won’t have the opportunity to see. Batman squaring off against Captain America, for instance, or Thor going toe-to-toe with Superman. However, thanks to Youtuber Alex Luthor, we can at least bathe in the greatest of an all-out battle movie’s trailer. You may have seen this before, but we think you should watch it again:

We hope enjoyed this short presentation. Post links or picture of some of your favorite fan creations!

Ant-Man: The Movie?


Starring Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, and Michael Douglas, Ant-Man is scheduled to release on July 17, 2015, after a tumultuous production series. Directors, writers, and actors came and went, the script was written and re-written, and filming was started and stopped. Finally, on December 5 of 2014, principle photography had finished. We know that this film is having troubles, but did you know the rocky road to an Ant-Man film started many years ago? All the way back in-

The 1980s!

Late in the eighties Stan Lee came to New World Entertainment, the company that owned Marvel studios, with an idea for a heist-like movie featuring the diminutive hero, but production was halted due to Walt Disney Pictures filming Honey I Shrunk the Kids, a movie that featured a similar concept. Only a small amount of work was done on the film.

Edgar Wright (he of Shaun of the Dead, Hott Fuzz, and The World’s End) and writing partner Joe Cornish wrote a treatment (a short version of a script) for Artisan Entertainment, though Wright doesn’t think that it was ever sent to Marvel. In April 2006, Marvel hired Wright to direct the film as one of the first of the studio’s independent films. In 2007, Wright said that the movie was holding, and that he was re-writing the script.

Nothing much happened until February of 2010, during which Stan Lee tweeted that he met with Wright to discuss the project. Wright later stated there was no timetable for the project, due to the character’s low statue, compared to Iron Man, Captain America, and the others. In the 2010 San Diego Comic Con, Wright said that Ant-Man wouldn’t be in the first phase of the Marvel movies, as it wouldn’t easily fit into the chronology of the movies.

Marvel Studios head of production Kevin Feige said that the project was as close as it’s ever been in May of 2012, and in June Wright shot footage to help test the movies tone. In October, Marvel and Disney scheduled the release for November sixth of 2015. In January of 2013 Feige said that Ant-Man would be part of Marvel’s third phase, prompting re-writes, due to the script’s age. The film was then delayed so that Wright could finish filming The World’s End. Pre-production for the film officially started in October of 2013.


The story doesn’t end there. As pre-production began to role, actors were hired and work was begun on getting the movie filmed; it was no simple task. Then, on May 23 of 2014, Wright and Marvel reported that he would be leaving the project due to “Differences in their vision of the film.” Bill Pope, who had been hired as principle photographer, also left. On June seventh, marvel announced that Peyton Reed (directed Yes Man) would direct.

Reed’s inclusion would prompt more script re-writes, stating that it didn’t want to be something that he had inherited, or something that the studio had watered down. Paul Rudd, the actor hired for the lead role, began to help with the re-write. He and Reed “built on an already strong script from Edgar Wright,” stating that while the scripts may be different, the ideas all came from Wright and Cornish.

By the end of July, due to the time delay, several actors left the project. Other roles were cut from the script. Two more writers, Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer, were brought in to further revise the script.


As of this writing, principle photography has finished. Feige stated that the film would not begin the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but complete the second; Avengers: Age of Ultron will presumably start the third. Christophe Beck was hired to score the film after original composer Steven Price left with Wright.

Hopefully, at this late date, the roller coaster story of Ant-Man is over, and it will successfully release in July. We can only hope it lives up to our expectations, and fits in with the rest of the Marvel Universe! You can expect Official Ant-Man costumes from us in the future.

Ant-Man’s comic book form

The Falcon Character Corner

The Falcon
The Falcon

Every few weeks here at the Superhero Costumes blog, we will give some background details of lesser-known characters. This month’s hero is Sam Wilson, known as The Falcon!

Original Version:

Sam Wilson grew up in Harlem, living in a tough area of the city. His father, a minister, was killed trying to stop a fight, leading Sam to anger and grief. Though he tried to do the right thing, he ended up working with the mob.

On his way to a job in Rio de Janeiro, Sam’s plane crashed in an unknown Caribbean island that was currently inhabited by Red Skull and his followers. The Red Skull tried to use Sam as a pawn against Captain America, using the Cosmic Cube to bring him under his control. This also granted Sam the ability to control birds. Captain America was able to free Sam from the Red Skull’s control, Sam took the moniker “The Falcon,” and the two became allies. The Black Panther created a harness for Sam, allowing him flight. He would later lead the SHIELD Super-Agents.

During the civil war event in the Marvel timeline, the Falcon helped Captain America track down the Winter Soldier, and was the first to join the Cap against the Superhuman Registration Act and lead the Secret Avengers. After Red Skull assassinated Captain America, the Falcon registered with the government and was made responsible for his old home, Harlem.

After Captain America returned from Dimension Z (long story), he and the Falcon got into a fight with Gungnir, a heli-carrier that could transform into a huge robot. During this fight, Cap lost the super-soldier serum, aging him into an old man and making him lose his abilities. He later gave up the title, and publicly gave it to Sam, making him the next Captain America.

Movie Version:

It many ways the version above is the same that we see in the Captain America: Winter Soldier movie, with one major difference: He can no longer control birds. His flight is a big asset to Captain America and Black Widow during the movie, and his background is never addressed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of the Character Corner. Come back soon for more fun fan information!

The Falcon movie version
The Falcon – Movie version

Superhero Resolutions

Happy New Year!

It’s the new year, a time when, traditionally, you look to better yourself. Superheroes are no different, and we’ve listed some of the resolutions that superheroes, from both sides of the divide, have decided to pursue.


Iron Man: “Go twelve for twelve.”

Captain America: “Get Tony to teach me the difference between iPads and iPods.”

Hulk: “Journal every day. LEARN TWERKING.”

Thor: “Master the mechanical pencil, build houses for the poor.”

Black Widow: “Sew some pockets into my suit.”

Hawkeye: “Take swimming classes.”

Spider-Man: “Stop the Hulk from learning how to twerk.”


Batman: “Finish that cease and desist letter about the nipple suit.”

Superman: “Underwear on the inside.”

Wonder Woman: “Don’t get angry at anyone for asking me for an autograph thinking I’m Gal Gadot.”

Green Lantern: Try out other costume colors Come up with a new oath Read more.”

Aquaman: “Volunteer to teach swimming classes.”

Flash: “Do all of the other hero’s resolutions before them.”

Robin: “Try to find all the other Robins.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick list! Leave a comment with other characters or different resolutions these characters could make. Happy new year!