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Superhero Costumes Clearance Items

Womens Sonic Costume
Women’s Sonic Costume

With October 31st drawing closure, you may be trying to figure out how to look your best without breaking the bank. Well, Official Superhero Costumes is here to help with a selection of items on clearance that won’t keep you from having a blast!

Kids Costumes:

Official Superhero Costumes offers a wide array of choices for the dissenting child who wants to dress up as a hero of any kind this year. Find treasure with Indy in the Deluxe Mutt Kids Costume, or command the Enterprise and keep the Federation safe in the Deluxe Captain Kirk Gold Kids Costume. You can even become the number one blader in the world with the Beyblade Gingka Kids Costume! Find these items at low clearance prices, or search for other fun outfits.

Adult Costumes:

For the ladies, find Superhero Costumes of all kinds! Be the fastest of them all with the Sonic Women’s Costume, make your mark at your next Halloween party with the Deluxe Sexy Long Zorro Adult Costume, or bust out of the asylum you’ve been cruelly thrown in when you wear the Sucker Punch Adult Rocket Costume! The other party guests will have no choice but to admire your style this year.

For men, exciting costumes like the Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman Man of Steel General Zod Adult Costume are abound; they’ll help you make a splash at your next party, fight the heroic Kal-El, and do a few other things as well.

We offer plenty of choices for a night of Halloween fun; be sure to check out our wide selection of costumes, accessories, and party supplies, all at low prices, before the big night! To guarantee delivery by Halloween, order by 1 P.M. Central Time on Monday, October 27th. If you wish to receive your order by October 30th, you may select UPS 3-Day for only $9.99. Official Superhero Costumes hopes you have a Happy Halloween!

Top 10 Halloween Superhero Costumes

Halloween fast approaches. Do you have a costume yet? If you’re stuck; don’t worry, we’re here to help. Following are the then most popular Superhero costumes for the season!Spider-Girl Costume

#10: Classic Spider-Girl Girls Costume

There’s no way your daughter will be afraid of spiders when she dresses as one of the most popular superheroes in the world! She might not be swinging from buildings or fighting bad guys, but she’ll be getting candy by the buckets and is sure to have a great time!

#9: Muscle Chest Transformers Rescue Bots Chase Toddler / Kids Costume

This new Transformer character is a police car and a shifting robot alien all in one! Join the police force chasing down dangerous criminals and protecting the Earth from the Decepticons with the help of a cool padded outfit that will give your child a fun Halloween.

#8: Deluxe Muscle Chest Robin Teen Titans Toddler / Kids Costume

This outfit makes your young hero ready to lead the Teen Titans to victory! A colorful padded costume makes for tons of fun this Halloween. Pair with other Teen Titan costumes, or have an adult go as Batman for a super hero family affair.

#7: Black Spiderman Kids Costume – Muscle Chest Spiderman Black-Suited Kids Costume

Spider-Man’s outfit turns black when the evil alien symbiote infects him. Become one of the most famous hero-turned-villains in marvel comic history. Will you fall under the influence of its evil ways, or will you triumph and continue to fight for the good of the city?

#6: Female Adult Wonder Woman T-Shirt Costume

Looking for a costume that’s quick and easy? This outfit is just as simple as putting on a shirt! Become the famous Amazonian Wonder Woman for a costume party, or show off your heroic side any day of the week when you’re out and about.

#5: Sexy Harley Quinn Arkham City Female Adult Costume

Even Batman will want to get cozy with you when you have this stunning outfit. Mr. J’s number-one gal is always ready to help him with his next plan, and she always has the best style when taking over the famous Arkham Asylum.

#4: Deluxe Kids Wonder Woman Costume

Princess Diana is here! Give your daughter the power of the Amazons, including strong bracelets to defend her and a lasso that compels people trapped inside to tell the truth. She’s ready for a super night when she wears this great outfit!

#3: Standard Wonder Woman Kids Costume

Your daughter can look like the original female superhero when you buy this cute costume! This super heroine began appearing in 1941, and has taken the world by storm! She joins Superman and Batman as one of the most widely-recognized comic book heroes in the world.

#2: Classic Winter Soldier Adult Muscle Costume

Bring down S.H.I.E.L.D. from the inside as the red army’s greatest warrior when you get this costume. From the snowy mountains of World War II to a Russian lab, the Winter Soldier is one of Captain America’s most dangerous enemies, and an amazing outfit for Halloween.

#1: Deluxe Muscle Chest Flash Kids CostumeFlash Kids Costume

Turn your kid into the famous speedster from one of DC Comics’ flagship licenses! If your child is a power-packed tot who loves to race around the house, this costume is the perfect look to get him ready to canvas the neighborhood in a trick-or-treating race. Get the number one Superhero costume for your child this Halloween from Official Superhero Costumes!