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X-Men: Days of Future Past!

Fast-forward through the initial escalating war against mutants and enter into its aftermath: mutants have been pushed to the point of extinction. The X-Men are scattered, picked off, and without much hope. Professor Xavier recruits Wolverine (in the comics, it’s Kitty Pride) to go back in time and to reason with the professor’s younger self and stop Senator Kelly from being assassinated – which was the initial catalyst with the humans declaring war on mutants. There could be more complex subplots afoot, but for now this is what is shown in the initial trailers.

days of future past x-men
Younger Professor X, Days of Future Past

In the previous installment, we see Eric (Magneto) abandon Charles and two camps emerge within the mutants: Eric’s group, and Charles’s group. In this installment, however, Younger Magneto and Mystique make their appearances Charles, and it seems like the stakes are higher than before for Charles and Eric to work together when the rift between them couldn’t be bigger.

The big question in Days of Future Past is this: will they be able to collaborate and save mutant-kind?

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Days of Future Past Trailer:

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